Wednesday, June 8, 2011

My First Kiss Story

Hello My lovely ladies ....and sexy mens if your reading my blog ;)

Today I want to share with you my first kiss experience and what I learned from it. So for all you people who never got it yet and think your gonna be forever alone, trust me your not gonna be forever alone and a first kiss experience really depends if you like the person or not....
So take a seat...which your probably already doing cause who reads a blog standing up O.O
I'm not judging you guys lol but any ways here is my story, it's very recent by  the way if your wondering lol
So I'm just gonna let you know beforehand that I never had a bf before so yeah...

It was the last day of school and me and one of my friends decided to be all badass and ditch school

early cause come on... no one cares if you ditch on the last day of school. So anyway we're at the

bustop and along comes one of my classmate from one of my classes. I NEVER had a conversation

with him by the way only a few pass by the hall way sentences. Anyway so I start talking to him and

eventually somehow led him coming over my friends house and after a series of event we had to make

him leave the house cause the mom didn't want a boy in the house( which is weird cause my friend has

a brother who brings male friend all the time..) so I didn't wanna be rude so I offered him to walk him

partially to his house. When I came to my stop I said bye to him and we hugged..........for a long time.

It was harmless at first but once I realized the hug was getting kind of long I was like......what's going

on? And then he said
"Oh my god I could stay like this forever."

And I knew I was getting into deep shit. So i dont know why but right after he said that I went brain-

dead. I didn't know what to do, didn't know what to say, so I basically was like O.O

And afterwards an even longer hug he kissed me.....and after that you know what he did that scarred

me til this day...maybe forever?

He used his TONGUE.

OMFG I was effin SHOCKED. If I remember this story I'll be chill but as soon as I remember that

he used his tongue I spaz out!  Anyways after that we hugged again and I told him I had to leave ( me and my friends were gonna go karaoke.)

 So the WHOLE way to my friends house I had a bright red face and I kept on chanting.

 And by the way when we kissed I felt absolutly...nothing. No fireworks, no tingling no electricity. So

I was thinking to myself you know what's the big deal about kissing you know?  And I was also like

wtf is wrong with me cause he was kinda my type physicaaly. Tall, asian, works out, nice shoulders,

but I still didn't like him in that I came to these conclusions.

1. You can't force yourself to like someone.
Even though he really liked me I knew from the moment he kissed me that it wasn't gonna work out no matter how hard I try.

2. Telling them that you don't like them the same way is way less painful than not telling until later on in the relationship when he might like you  even more.

3.A kiss won't feel special unless your with a person that you like back.

4. Just because he gave you your first kiss doesnt mean you have to go out with them.

5. There are a lot of other guys out there so don't worry about being forever alone.

And because I didn't really go out with the guy I didn't count him as my first boyfriend so I am still a little innocent girl....who got tongued on her first kiss.....TT.TT

So anyways thats my post today and I wanna know how your first kiss was :) Either put it in the box below or message me if it's a little PG-13  or Rated R hahaha :P

Or OR we could make this a tag >:D
I tag all of you guy but be sure to tell me if you posted your story on your blog or not because I wouldn't know if you didn't :P
Unless...your good at computors and you know how to work this thing then do your thang.
I'm having trouble working this thing to be honest lol.

Alrighty thenz I'll see you cuties later~ Bye!

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