Monday, June 6, 2011

Intoroducing Myself yo~

Hey you guys:)
My name is Aiko and I have now joined the blogging community. Oh yeah~
So let me give you some stalker/creeper info about myself haha
My name is Aiko I'm a junior in High school.
I'm half Japanese, 1/4 portuguese and 1/4 french and Irish. But for some unknown reason I look almost full asian wth?
My dream is to become a model or singer in Japan and goddamn it it's gonna happen XD
I have an obsession with Masuda Takahisa. He's my husband.....but he just doesn't know it yet lol
I also like korean singers, my favorite is Lee Joon from MBLAQ<- the only korean band where the whole group is good looking.

I really don't like natto -eck- nasty.
I have a weakness towards pasta and pizza O.O
I spend a large amount of time on looking good....even if I'm not going somewhere wth is this like a disease?

Well this is kinda a lot of info if you guys have any questions just comment below~

Hope you guys will like my blog~ see yah~

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