Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Illnesses and Boogie Monsters

Hewwo there friends~
I can call you friends right...:O....don't hurt me lol

Anyways today I had to do 4 hours of online summer school to get health credit.
4 hours.....of pure hell    t(-_-)t
Why me why~~~~~
And i don't know why but like it's about health but yet the instructor teaching the lesson is rather.....yah know.....(        * ^*       )
But you know at least she has curves Im like a ruler man.....for all you other rulers I feel yo pain brother I feel yah *put peace sign in the air.*

SOOO I don't know about you guys but when I am bored out of my mind I like to put makeup on just for the hell of it. Even if I'm not going anywhere. I'll just be like

" man I look gross, and I'm bored so why the hell not wear makeup. No one is the boss of me hellz yeah~~"

I'll call this illness .....cutemakeupness....laaaammmeee naaammmmeeee. You guys should help me come up with a name for it though:D Omg that would be pretty fun to say in a convo right!

" Omg Kristy~"
"I just caught the _______this morning."
"Shut up me too~"
* retarded laughing occurs*

ok.....maybe not fun but you know what I mean~ Put down your thoughts about the name in the commento boxeto (yups I know spanish jealous? you should be.)

So idk about you guys but I give nicknames to certain type of people. One of the nicknames I made up is "Boogie Monster." This is my definition of it.

Boogie Monster: a person who looks ridiculously hot/sexy/cute/ when you first see them wherever you may be. But when you wake up after a little slambamturkeyham. there is a one ugly a** madahugga sleeping next to you that looks nothing like the foxy lady you met last night and make you wanna hurl.

When used in a sentence,

"hey Paul I saw you leave with that girl last night :D"
"Aw man it was all good until I woke up she's a effin boogie monster man!"

Pictures to further explain:



It's complicated honey~

There you go a new definition fo yo vocabulary :)
I'm giving you vocabulary and entertainment at the same time yo~
How can you not like  love that?

Have you ever met a boogie monster?
What was your experience put it in the magical box down below!

Well I'll see you guys...well I'll write soon soooo keep on stalking.
Keep up the good work~

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